The braid of fashionable individual character sends, can let your long hair become more aesthetic and attractive, have an individual character more.
Braid hairstyles from easy to difficult a variety of variety. Match your hair to your style and length. Let’s pick and choose.

Pineapple braid

Behind the ponytail. Apply some hair products to the end of the hair. Reduce the frizz in your hair

Divide the ponytail into two strands. Rotate in the same direction. To bring the two strands together.

Retro braid

Smooth the hair first, divide the hair into the left and right two parts, start braiding the hair in the three parts of the bang.
It goes all the way down the side of the ear to the end of the hair, as shown here.

The braid should be pulled loose towards the end of the hair so that the thin pins at the back can be inserted better.
After braiding the hair of the top of the head catch loses make a bouffant effect.

That is what one side of it looks like.
Then the other side of the hair will do the same.

Wind the braid to one side and secure with a pin.
Secure the braid with a hairpin.

Finish, such a retro braid hair dish sends very show noble temperament.


Some unique braided hairstyles, look here.

all pictures via instagram