I will sigh every time when I Ins. Why are these bloggers are very attractive to me! It feels like I’ve only done a few poses, so it’s very imaginative!

Breakfast, afternoon tea or even just a sun on the balcony, the photos are beautiful! Seemingly coincidental, actually hidden in the back of your mind, the hairstyle is very important in addition to the need for perfect make-up and clothing that fits the scene!

Today I will look at some hairstyles with Ins style!

1.Wave hair
Wave hair have always been one of the long-lasting hairstyles. In general, it is best to start from the ear. The natural radians not only look very gentle, it also immediately increases the hair volume!

2. short hair

The purpose of this short hair is to show a slender neck, and at the same time it can pinch the hair behind the ear. The whole thing is very neat and clean. But remember, the hair on your back of your head must be fluffy! In this way, the head shape looks good and the hair volume increases.

3. Braided hair

In fact, the hottest ins is still a variety of hairstyles! There are so many types of braids and hair that I have to lament the hands of these people.

all pictures via instagram