During fashion week, the role of nail design is often repeated by hairstyles and make-up. Of course, this also applies
to clothing. However, this is not the case at the spring-summer show 2020. On the catwalks, the most striking thing is
not hairstyles or make-up, but the nails of models.

1.French nails style, back to the ’90s

2.Cute nails, make life more fun

Choosing a template for cute nails can be difficult.Ask me how I know. It’s daunting to think about browsing all nail styles on the web to find the classics and trend designs you’re looking for. Have look at the biggest trends in cute nails; choose it  with our top picks and find the ideal topper for your favorite style. 

3.Natural nails, best just natural

As long as there is still a market for “no make-up”,clean and healthy nails are still in demand.  Elegant and almost naked nails can meet all our requirements.

4.Long nails, adorn your beauty.

Beyond the length of the oval nails at the fingertips, the shape is best able to extend the fingers visually. Long nails can select nail colors and designs without restriction.

all pictures via instagram